Are the devices available now?
YES.  Orders placed by noon ship within three business days. Some colors or sizes may be back-ordered.  

Where do I download the KIDDY app?
KIDDY app are available through iTunes and Google Play.  

Are there any long-term contracts? 
NO. There is no long-term contract, but a monthly data plan is required for the device to operate. You can cancel anytime.

Can I use my own SIM card and cellular carrier?
No. The devices will only work with Our SIM card.

Can a device be deactivated without canceling my account? 
YES. You can deactivate your device without cancelling your account. You can reactivate your device at any time.

Do they work internationally?
Yes.  KIDDY GPS Phone Watch will only operate with the United States. For those traveling abroad, your device may be able to roam for an additional charge, depending on the region. Please contact us for information. 

Will I get alerts on my phone?
YES. There are 4 types of alerts: 1) if the SOS Button is held down you receive a text letting you know your kid needs you; 2) if your kid crosses over the fence boundary you created in the app; and 3) If the watch is removed, 4) when battery is low at less 25%.

Can I get alerts on my iPad, tablet or PC?
YES. The mobile apps will work on iPads and tablets, and there is also a web app for your computer. 

Can more than one phone have alerts from one device? 
YES. You can program multiple phones to track each watch. This will be done through your account on our website, which will require a user name and password to access your secure account. 

Is there a safety latch to deter removal?
YES KIDDY  has a safety latch that requires a little know-how to unlock. It is not too difficult, but enough of a hassle to deter kids and strangers from trying to remove it. And, if the band does unlatch, or even if it is cut in two, you will receive a text alert on your phone telling you the band has been removed.

Are they waterproof? 
YES. KIDDY has a waterproof rating, which means it will  function normally even after being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes, up to a depth of 1 meter. In order to preserve the silicone, however, it is not recommended for bathing or swimming. Alos, it has an LCD watch face, it is susceptible to water when the glass is cracked. 

Will the battery last all day? 
YES. Low-power consumption ensures long battery life, 24 hours or more under normal conditions. Just recharge at night, and you are good to go the next day.

Are they easy to charge? 
YES. KIDDY, simply plug the USB connector into any USB port. Which means your wall charger or laptop work great.

Can I return the device?
YES. You can return an defective device within 7 days. All devices that are activated cannot be returned. Please read the Return Policy before your purchase.

Is there a warranty?
YES. Each band comes with a 30-day warrant against manufacturer defects. Please read the KIDDY WATCH Returns & Exchanges before your purchase