Data Plans

Attention !!!!!!

Data Service is required for KIDDY to work!!!

Data PLAN -unlimited voice, text messaging and “Location on Demand.”

Unlimited map locations (updates every 10 minutes automatically)

Unlimited minutes voice per month

Unlimited Manual Location On Demand Updates* or Incoming Text Messages to Watch per month

$19.99 per month**



* KIDDY SMART is programmed to automatically send location every 10 minutes but will also allow you to request location manually ON DEMAND. Which means, if you need to know where your child is right now, you simply hit a LOCATION button on your KIDDY SMART app to request an “extra” location.

**ATTENTION: You will be charged applicable sales and use tax for the data plan subscription every month. If you travel outside of USA, notify us to suspend your account. If account is not suspended you will be charged roaming fees. If traveling to Mexico or Canada customers have 7 days of no roaming fees. If traveling more than 7 days to Canada or Mexico we recommend customers suspend their accounts or roaming fees will be charged.